Human resources

Improve the company's research and development capabilities, and continuously increase the contribution rate of technological progress to development.


Employees are the foundation for our survival and development. Good staff, bring good products and good services. Brand employees create brand enterprises.

Our talent view:

Choosing people is based on morality, employing people based on ability, educating people according to their talents, and retaining people with affection.

Choosing people with ethics: Recognizing OCEAN values is the primary prerequisite for our selection. We choose employees who have both ability and political integrity, with virtue first.

Employing people according to their ability: people make the best use of their talents, let employees do their jobs and do their best. In OCEAN, whoever is more capable will get more important jobs.

Educating people according to their aptitude: The ruler is short and the inch is long. The company cultivates talents to focus on their specialties and trains them in accordance with their aptitude. We formulate a personalized career plan based on each individual's situation.

Our view of work:

We advocate a "healthy, happy, active and scientific" work concept. Only by being physically and mentally healthy and enjoying work can you have the true pleasure of life.

The development of OCEAN is not only the combination of personal and corporate interests, but also the ability for everyone to share common ideals and values, which will be a source of energy to promote the development and growth of OCEAN.

The company provides each employee with a comprehensive salary and welfare guarantee, and provides each employee with a broad space for development.

The developing OCEAN sincerely invites you to join us! Today you are proud of the company, tomorrow the company will be proud of you.