Technical strength

Improve the company's research and development capabilities, and continuously increase the contribution rate of technological progress to development.

Production capacity
Factory area: 166,500 square meters
Production workshop area: 103,200 square meters
Production equipment: 16 sets of pipe winding machines, 10 sets of casing winding machines, 5 sets of hydrostatic pressure testing machines
Production capacity: pipeline 1200km/year, pipe fittings 12000/year

Class III fire resistance test
Acceptance control
Each pipeline is pressure-tested by an automatic press to ensure that each pipeline and fittings are qualified and leave the factory.
The test center conducts tests on FRP pipes and fittings in accordance with international standards.
A professional and experienced on-site training engineer is responsible for training and guiding pipeline installers on site or on the website.

Spray fire test
Fire test
The marine pipelines of the OCEAN platform fully comply with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Class III fire resistance and (ASTMF1173) jetting protection
Fire performance requirements: this type of product has very low flame spread.

Low spread flame test